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Early History

Between 2002 and 2007 a group of Software Engineers were contracted to design a Manufacturing Execution and Logistics System for the Skorpion Zinc mine situated in the mineral rich southern part of Namibia.

During 2008 Simpology was born as a result of the outsourcing of this software engineering team. During 2011 a partnership agreement was established with Simpology Solutions (South Africa). This partnership agreement gave both companies access to a bigger market and larger resource capability to deliver projects to clients.


Remaining close to our roots, the South African business is responsible for the design, development, implementation and support of software solutions in the Operational and Business Management environments.

Simpology’s client base currently consist of mining, metals, petrochemical, financial services and other companies in South Africa and Namibia.


“The Asset Insight Software will give our company a significant competitive advantage in the international mining industry as supplier of safety systems."


“They supplied in my experience the top project management service that I have experienced. Their ability of getting a newly formed globally diverse team to function as if they have been working together for many years was very impressive."

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