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What Cause Project Failure?

Poor project management leads to failure of more solution implementations than all other factors combined.

The rate of information system project failure remains high in comparison with other high-tech projects. The objectives of this paper are firstly to create a systemic framework that is broad enough to represent a wide range of possible factors that may impact systems performance; and secondly, to use the framework to delineate and assess the impact of different classes of influencing factors.

The proposed framework is a triple-system(S) model comprising a set of three sub-systems of strategic project planning and delivery process, the organisational contexts and a formalized technology-enabled information system.

A Singapore-based survey is conducted to determine which failure factors are perceived as the most influential based on the respondents’ experience in a major ‘failed’ project. The triple-S framework then delineates these influencing factors for analysis, which in turn generates further insights and focuses.

# 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd and IPMA.

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